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Published January 8, 2018

So I’ve had the old “Untitled” theme for awhile and thought it was time to freshen things up, so I’ve updated the site to a more minimalistic theme with a cleaner typeface. Hope you like!

Also in case you missed it, here’s a link to the results of the AMA I hosted last week, a modest response!

Anyway, I hope this new blog layout will be a bit easier on the eyes for reading my posts! This simpler layout should make longer form entries feel much less cluttered. I actually have a couple of in-depth post ideas regarding my experiences during Yeah Jam Fury: UME development, so I hope you’ll follow along!


  1. chris chris

    Hey I don’t think you listen to SSF2 comments anymore but if you do can you make SSF2 portable like for mobile. I don’t know if you can develop mobile games but if you can, can you make the game offline when playing brawl and solo and online when playing multiplayer. I tried the puffin browser trick but I don’t know if its really working for me. Your game is the most enjoyable game I played since Super Smash Brawl, but my mom sold it when I was little. Thank you if you tried and I hope you have a fun time.

    • Greg McLeod Greg McLeod

      I’m happy you enjoy my work! One day I would love to develop a mobile game, though unfortunately there are quite a few obstacles in order to get SSF2 to work well on mobile. Desktops have a lot more processing power than mobile devices do, so I can get away with a lot more. But to have SSF2 running at full speed and to adapt all the UI would be pretty ambitious, so I don’t see it happening in any official capacity

  2. Bean Boy Bean Boy

    So I’m not sure if you’ll be able to respond to this, but I just want to say that SSF2 has had a really big impact on my gaming life. I was never really able to afford the new Smash Bros. games, and Smash Flash 2 more than makes up for it. I mean, you’re able to replicate the feeling from a AAA game in a flash game! When I pull off a difficult combo, It feels just as good, if not better, than any of the official smash games. It feels like you’re the people’s champion, taking in Waluigi, and other characters that couldn’t make it into Ultimate. Me and my friends play SSF2 all the time, and I recently invited a few friends over and I hooked up my computer to the TV and we had a SSF2 tournament. This game rocks, and you’re a genius for making this.
    -Bean Boy the Pac-main (yes I just made up that term, I think)
    P.S., I know that you’re super busy, but please email me if you have the chance!

    • Greg McLeod Greg McLeod

      That’s awesome to hear! It’s quite encouraging to read things like this, I’m glad to have been a positive part of your life 🙂

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