Long Time No Updates: Here’s Some Piano Sheet Music!

So it’s been quite some time since I’ve written any posts (and even longer time since any of them were music related!) so I’ve uploaded 3 new pieces of piano sheet music to my Music page!

(Special thanks to Iker Estalayo’s YouTube channel for providing the basis of these beautiful piano renditions of music from DBZ Super’s OST!)

I’ve been wanting to get back into transcribing pieces for piano, so if you find these interesting or would like to make a request please leave a comment! I find that transcribing pieces from anime and games is pretty relaxing and helps keep my music chops fresh. I’m definitely hoping to do more of these for the days to come.

In addition, I should note that this year I plan to shift the focus of the blog towards game development. Up until now I have spent most of my time in the professional web development space, but my true passion is games. I hope to share all sorts of knowledge I’ve amassed over the past decade – hopefully something I’ve learned will be useful to you readers out there!

Paste Pasta Public Release!



I’m now opening Paste Pasta registration to the public!!

In case you missed my original post, Paste Pasta is a copy-pasting web tool I created earlier this year to practice my front and back-end coding skills. It has been in beta up until now and I’ve decided to finally open it up to the public. So if you’re like me and are a big fan of copying and pasting text all the time just to save a few seconds, then this is the tool for you! Visit the registration link below to sign up!



New Website Beta Invites

Alright, so it’s been too long since the last post so I think it’s time to get things rolling again. For this post I’d like to announce a little web project I was working on earlier this year in order to catch up on my web programming skills. I came up with a little something called Paste Pasta, which is a site dedicated to copying and pasting. I like to copy and paste things a lot (especially when programming), so I created this site as a tool to help make my “copypasta” content super accessible. You simply create text boxes, and the text within each box can be instantly copied to your clipboard with a single click! You can drag the boxes around, resize them, organize them in tabs, and more!

The website is still in beta, so I am opening up registration to only the next 20 users who sign up.


I also grant invites to each new account that can be shared with friends, although registration is not guaranteed to stay open for invitees. The site needs a lot more testing before I can open it up, so feel free to play around with it and report bugs using the contact form on the website. Enjoy and post feedback below!

Introducing My New GitHub

In preparation for my upcoming tutorials for Flash (and other similar posts I have planned) I have just created a GitHub account! 🙂

GitHub seems to be all the rage for open source fans out there, so I’ve decided it will be the best place to host my various creations for anyone to use.

Link: https://github.com/cleod9

I will be uploading not just Flash, but coding examples in other languages as well such as C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP and potentially many more.


For starters, here’s an AS3 class for easy keyboard input management in Flash:

Source Code: https://github.com/Cleod9/AS3/tree/master/Key

I have created the above class to simplify keyboard input management in Flash. Back in the days of ActionScript 2.0, you used to only have to call one function to get the state of a key press. In AS3 it’s become a pain – you have to set up multiple events just to be sure of whether or not a key is currently held down. With my Key class, you simply initialize it and you’re done! Anywhere in your program you can type the simple words Key.isDown(keyCode) just like in AS2, and you’ll be able to get the state of any key without having to create a bunch of extra event mess. This is definitely one of the most useful pieces of code in all of my games (especially SSF2), since it completely centralizes key press management.

I will be adding many more utilities like this, so stay tuned for more updates!

What’s In Store for 2013?

First post of the new year!

It’s been awhile since the last update since I’ve been extremely busy preparing for Apex 2013, one of the world’s largest video game tournaments featuring Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. My fan project, Super Smash Flash 2, was invited to have its own booth where its latest update v0.9 made its debut at the event. It was a huge success! A few of my developers attended the event with me, and we hosted a livestream of the event which took place over the entire weekend from January 11th-13th. We received tons of positive feedback from the public and we are eager to continue our work on the project as it reaches its final stages of development.

For more info on the game you can visit my main website:

Now as for what’s in store for 2013, I’ve been thinking of expanding upon my previous post about FlashDevelop and posting game creation tutorials building from that. I want to start with something simple such organizing code structure and good programming practices, and from there I would  move onto more specific tutorials and even provide free code to use. However, I’m also up for requests, so if you have anything in mind feel free to leave a comment!