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FrayTools (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Release Date: January 2023


FrayTools is the custom, engine-agnostic development tool I created that my team is leveraging for Fraymakers’ content creation. It supports all sorts of capabilities that simplify the 2D game development workflow, such as arranging sprite animations on a traditional keyframe-based timeline, script file editing (with code auto-completion), tile maps, palette swaps, and more. FrayTools is being released to the public alongside the release of Fraymakers so that players can create their own characters, assists, stages, menus, modes and beyond, all using the very same tool we use internally.

For more details on the motivations behind the program, checkout this post I did on Reddit when it was first announced:

syncmarx (Firefox / Chrome)

syncmarx logo
Release Date: April 2018


syncmarx is a browser extension I developed to synchronize bookmarks across browser vendors using the self-hosted storage cloud of your choice (currently supports Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive as backends). It was essentially designed as a drop-in replacement for the now defunct Xmarx plugin, which I used to heavily rely on to keep my bookmarks in sync between my PCs. syncmarx has had a consistently growing user based since its inception with a very positive reception.

syncmarx for Firefox

syncmarx for Chromium-based Browsers

For more details, check out the blog post I made upon its initial release.

McLeodGaming Network

Release Date: July 2014

Home Page:


McLeodGaming Network (MGN) is the custom multiplayer gaming backend I built primarily to support online mode for Super Smash Flash 2. It is designed as a series of micro-services so that it can be easily scaled up to meet the demands of each individual component (e.g. REST API, website, lobbies, socket server, etc.). It also comes with a built-in newsletter tool that allows you to send out bulk email campaigns to subscribers in batches that you can configure based on your rate limit needs. Since it is designed to be agnostic to the use case, it may also be used as a general backend for just about any game/software that needs real-time communication capability between remote clients.

If you want to learn more about MGN (or are interested in leveraging the backend for your own game), please reach out to me via my Contact page.