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Published January 17, 2013

First post of the new year!

It’s been awhile since the last update since I’ve been extremely busy preparing for Apex 2013, one of the world’s largest video game tournaments featuring Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. My fan project, Super Smash Flash 2, was invited to have its own booth where its latest update v0.9 made its debut at the event. It was a huge success! A few of my developers attended the event with me, and we hosted a livestream of the event which took place over the entire weekend from January 11th-13th. We received tons of positive feedback from the public and we are eager to continue our work on the project as it reaches its final stages of development.

For more info on the game you can visit my main website:

Now as for what’s in store for 2013, I’ve been thinking of expanding upon my previous post about FlashDevelop and posting game creation tutorials building from that. I want to start with something simple such organizing code structure and good programming practices, and from there I would  move onto more specific tutorials and even provide free code to use. However, I’m also up for requests, so if you have anything in mind feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Well, I have one thing:
    Adobe Flash Professional CS6 tutorials

    So, scratch that off your list 🙂

    • Greg McLeod Greg McLeod

      You can expect tutorials covering from CS4 and up. Believe it or not, Flash actually works very well together with FlashDevelop even though it’s not necessary for making content. But I’m going to use Flash itself as a tool for solely creating graphics rather than a tool for programming in. Leave the coding to FlashDevelop 😉

  2. Will these tutorials be given with the assumption that the audience already knows a little bit about how to code, or will it be more of a Programming 101 style?

    • Greg McLeod Greg McLeod

      I’ll assume the audience has worked with Flash before at the very least, but I’m hoping my examples will be simple enough for beginners to be able to understand. Even though I’ll be doing them specifically for Flash ActionScript, the practices I use can be applied to most higher languages.

  3. The Foreigner The Foreigner

    Right now I’m using Adobe’s free 30-day trial for Flash, but when that runs out will I be able to transfer games I worked solely in Flash over to FD?

    • Greg McLeod Greg McLeod

      Yes and no, and it depends on how your game is made. There are 2 main ways to make games with Flash, either by writing all the code on the timeline in the FLA, or using external classes to hold your code (.as files). The goal of my future tutorials will be to avoid coding in the FLA as much as possible, making it easier to work solely in FlashDevelop. But once that trial runs out, you have no easy way of editing your graphics/artwork… I’ll talk more about how to deal with art assets in later posts, but for now just understand that it’s not 100% necessary to use Adobe Flash Professional for any flash game.

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