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Published August 25, 2013

Long time no update!

Today I’m releasing a small library I wrote called OOPS.js, which stands for “Object Oriented Programming Structure” for JavaScript. The purpose of this code is to allow a simple, hassle-free way to code in a more traditional way. This solution doesn’t offer everything a typical OOP language would offer (such as public/private member declarations for example) though it’s designed to be flexible and easy to use. I’ve seen plenty of similar code written for stuff like this throughout the internet (such as Prototype.js), but I’ve decided to release this one I’ve written myself since it’s lathered in plenty of comments explaining how it all works. Not to mention I can decide on my own how I’d like to expand upon it.

Anyway, the biggest reason for this post is that any future JavaScript I write will very likely be built from OOPS.js. If I ever decide to do HTML5 game tutorials on top of the AS3 tutorials I have planned, you’ll be able to see how a lot of the principles I use here will overlap. Don’t be surprised when I post some JS ports of AS3 code I’ve written onto GitHub next! You can download the source code below:

Full Package:

OOPS.JS Example Script:

Download the full package to see OOPS.js in action. And since it’s on GitHub you can feel free to fork it and make contributions if you wish! 🙂

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  1. Greg Henderson Greg Henderson

    I like this innovative way of coding Cleod, keep up the great work! 🙂

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