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Published May 17, 2013

Alright, so it’s been too long since the last post so I think it’s time to get things rolling again. For this post I’d like to announce a little web project I was working on earlier this year in order to catch up on my web programming skills. I came up with a little something called Paste Pasta, which is a site dedicated to copying and pasting. I like to copy and paste things a lot (especially when programming), so I created this site as a tool to help make my “copypasta” content super accessible. You simply create text boxes, and the text within each box can be instantly copied to your clipboard with a single click! You can drag the boxes around, resize them, organize them in tabs, and more!

The website is still in beta, so I am opening up registration to only the next 20 users who sign up.

I also grant invites to each new account that can be shared with friends, although registration is not guaranteed to stay open for invitees. The site needs a lot more testing before I can open it up, so feel free to play around with it and report bugs using the contact form on the website. Enjoy and post feedback below!

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