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Published October 19, 2012


Audacity Logo

For the last of this series of posts we have Audacity – a cross-platform audio editing/recording software. Audacity is a must-have for anyone working on music, since it makes basic audio tasks quick and simple. I tend to use it mainly for when I want to convert file formats, but it has many other uses and comes with a lot of useful plug-ins for manipulating your audio. It’s not exactly the type of software you would use to produce an entire song from scratch, but it’s definitely a great tool to use amongst your other programs.


  • Light-weight and free software
  • Easy to use (cutting and pasting audio samples is a breeze)
  • You can export /import many popular audio formats


  • Lacks the advanced features of a full-fledged DAW
  • Requires downloading LAME MP3 Encoder before you can export to MP3 (At no cost but a slight inconvenience)

And that’s it for this series of music posts! I hope that some of you check out the software I’ve recommended for yourselves as well!


  1. Monsterjamp Monsterjamp

    I use this and Mixcraft 6.

  2. Soldiershak Soldiershak

    I use Audacity to shorten those songs that end way earlier than the track time, or if they don’t end well with a fade out.

    • Greg Henderson Greg Henderson

      I agree

  3. Fanboy who actually cares Fanboy who actually cares

    I’ve used this program once to fix a broken mp3 file. Seeing make me want to explore its features

  4. Audacity is a great program for beginners I tend to lean more towards more functional DAW’s. I prefer to make songs from scratch Audacity just is not powerful enough. It sure is a beginners toy and is fun to use.

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