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Published October 18, 2012


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Reaper is a cross-platform Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that I started using towards the end of college. Before Reaper I had used the industry standard software called ProTools. Again, I’m not going to get into the details of old software I used to use, but I’ll at least say that I had lots of frustration dealing with ProTools due to all of the crashes from heavy RAM use, bugs, and other things that resulted in lost work. So I was glad to have found Reaper.

In brief, Reaper is similar to most other DAWs in functionality but to me has a much lighter and more intuitive interface. It can record audio, load VSTs, and export top-notch sounding work. I’ve experimented with other mainstream DAWs in the past such as Logic, Acid, and Ableton, and in the end I found Reaper to work best for me.


  • All the features you would ever need out of any commercial DAW
  • Very affordable pricing, and free for personal use
  • Usage is similar to other DAWs without the price tag or required peripherals


  • May seem overwhelming to beginners
  • Some of the default plug-ins it comes are limited or can be complex to use
  • Mediocre MIDI editor


  1. Greg Henderson Greg Henderson

    I seem to be the only one checking your other
    website often, maybe it has to get more popularity.
    Is your new website incomplete?

    • Greg McLeod Greg McLeod

      This site is new and all, give it some time to pick up as I add more content.

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