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Published November 1, 2013

Update: ImportJS has been upgraded to 3.0 and has a dedicated site! See here:

I’ve assembled Node.js version of the previous two libraries I’ve submitted to GitHub! They work really well together, so I suggest you check it out if you’re familiar with Node. I won’t be going into any details of Node.js for this post, however I can at least say that the functionality for both libraries is exactly the same as it would be on the front-end. So feel free try it out, and let me know if you decide to use it in your own project!

ImportJS for Node on GitHub

OOPS.js for Node on GitHub

Both libraries are available via npm install importjs and oopsjs respectively.

Also just a heads up, I will soon be releasing a fun little interactive toy I made in JavaScript to demonstrate the power of ImportJS+OOPS.js combined. More is on its way!

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