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Published October 23, 2015

So I thought I’d do a brief post about version 0.3.0 of AS3JS, which I released a few days ago. It comes with a bunch of various bug fixes, a few new configuration options, and an all-new live browser demo of everything in action!

The biggest change about this update however, is that I’ve separated the output “program” from the “loader” for the library. In other words, output from the AS3JS library is still “vanilla” JavaScript for the most part, but I’ve stripped out the part that actually initializes your application and placed it in a separate script. The main reason behind this is that I had always wanted to build a browser demonstration of AS3Js, but it seemed like all the extra boilerplate could be a turn-off for some people to look at. So by writing out the AS3 program as a basic JS object containing a hash of class names to modules, it allowed me to drastically reduce the amount of text in the output file and generalize the loading process into a separate function. So it’s just a matter of calling AS3.load(…) and passing in your “Program” object, and it will start up your application at the entry point that you specify.

Definitely be sure to give the demo a try! With this update I hope to more cleary demonstrate both  the similarities between AS3 and JS, as well as distinguish the load process for running a package-based app versus a traditional module-based one.

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