First Look at Yeah Jam Fury: UME!

So we’ve recently started showcasing gameplay overviews, tips, and tricks across our various social media platforms to help spread awareness about the new game.

The first question you might ask – what exactly is Yeah Jam Fury?

And this week we’re featuring tips for the first of our lovable trio named Yeah!

Be sure to follow @YeahJamFury and @McLeodGaming on Twitter to keep up to speed, and expect many more updates to come in the following weeks leading up to release in December!

New Twitter + First Commercial Game On Its Way to Steam This December!

So two things:

First, I have a new Twitter handle @RealCleod9 so please follow me! (This is different from my company Twitter @McLeodGaming since I plan to use the new one for interpersonal connections and game dev banter)

Secondly, in case you missed it from my various other news outlets, Yeah, Jam, and Fury are back in an all new game coming to Steam this December for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

I’ve teamed up with World Entertainment Studios (formerly WillyWorld Entertainment), to transform what was once a simple Flash game into a full-fledged puzzle-platform experience for the desktop!

In this new version there’s over 100 levels of puzzle-platforming fun, new game mechanics, crisp HD graphics, gamepad support, leaderboards, a custom stage builder (with sharing!), dozens of achievements, and more!

I’ll be updating this blog during my journey towards a release date. In the meantime, here’s a brief introduction video on the basics of the game: